Gateway Recovery believes in environmentally sound recycling not only because federal laws require it, but also because the future of our planet demands it. At our indoor processing facility in Statesville, NC, all recyclable material is kept under roof and out of the weather. With your material safe from rain and snow, you can be certain that your material will not be the cause of any harmful run-off.

Federal law requires that producers of harmful contaminants do their “due diligence” in making sure that their pollutants are recycled in the proper manner. With Gateway Recovery, you can rest easy. In addition to the security of indoor processing, we have installed a state of the art oil recovery system that captures and holds all fluids for proper disposal. Not only is our government happy, the earth is as well.

Our environmentally friendly turnings containers allow our clients to drain their cutting fluids on site, saving our clients significant money and improving the environment at the same time.

We are proud of our certification as a “No Exposure Facility” for storm water run-off permitted by the North Carolina Dept. of Energy and Natural Resources.

Oil Recovery System


Seaman Corporation XR-5 Geo-membrane liner.


Setting of containment trench.


Turnings and oil dumped directly into baler.


Waste oil pumped into bulk fluid totes for recycling.


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